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    These days, there is no lack in online moving directories and free online moving quotes from moving companies providers. They usually collect similar information and supply it to different moving companies, so you can get instant multiple free moving quotes from moving companies, compare movers and help you to calculate moving costs.  So why is RealMoving different?

     Simply because we are only dealing with reputable, pre-screened moving companies, that have little or no complains in Better Business Bureau. They have positive customer feedback.  They also believe not only in money, but in good karma, good relationship and want to keep a reputation of being trusted, reliable and honest movers. This will eventually help them to make more money and stay in business for a long time.

Your job will be to supply your moving information once, compare quotes from moving companies that reply to you and make an  educated decision on your moving costs.

Though we only have a few moving companies, they are very good and we will keep them as long as they stay on that course. We believe that you will be another satisfied customer who will prove that we are on the right track!

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How To Find a Moving Company


Moving Companies and Free Moving Quotes Online

Before the Internet it was a very long and difficult search to find a moving company for your upcoming move. You first would have to open Yellow Pages, locate a moving companies and moving services topic and start calling. Every third movers'listing was usually incorrect, every second call was answered by a machine. So it was a full time job to get a moving quote. It was hard to compare movers. It was also necessary to repeat everything that you are moving to every single moving company you called. So finally after your third try you are tired and would go with the last mover who gave you a decent moving estimate, and it probably was not the best mover and not the best moving quote. It was just the end of your patience.

Now, thanks to the Intenet you only need a few minutes to get your free Moving Quotes Online. Just fill out the form above and 5 pre-screened, licensed and insured moving companies will compete for your move. You will get 5 free moving quotes in a matter of minutes. All your moving information you only need to enter once. Save time and save money by getting the best moving quote. Please also be assured that your information is secure and it not will be used for anything else but providing you with a real moving estimate online that you really need now.

The best part is that it's FREE. There are no obligations and no strings attached. It doesn't even take two minutes! Just go ahead, fill out the form above, click submit and your moving estimates will be sent to you!

Good luck!


New Feature: Moving Calculator

We are proud to annonce a new, unique feature: a moving calculator. Now you can calculate everything about your move: how many cubic foot or pounds your move is; how many men do you need for your move; how long your loading/unloading process will take. Using our state of the art online moving calculator you are no longer on mercy of a moving company: you will now know exactly what will be involved in your move.

Launch Moving Calculator now!


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