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Start using up canned foods, spray paints and other consumables. Have an "inventory session" in which you decide what you need to take with you and what you can get rid of. Begin sorting out and disposing of items you don't need. If you are buying a new home at your new location, you should choose one as soon as possible, arrange financing, and set tentative closing dates. If your spouse has a job, s/he should give required notice of termination and get a referral letter. Your spouse should also update his/her resume for finding a job at your new location. If you require child care at your new location, start looking into options. If you have school-age children, check school schedules and enrollment requirements at your new location. If you plan to take a vacation on the way to your new address, make all your reservations as soon as possible. If you have a car, truck or auto, be sure that all maintenance and repairs are taken care of now. Be sure you still have your proof of insurance for the car. Contact your insurance company about protection for auto(s), home and household storage, and high-value items. If you are using your base transportation office,let it know if you plan to ship your vehicle, and provide the estimated shipping weight. If you have pets, have them checked by a local vet, and be sure that all vaccinations and inoculations are up to date. Get a copy of your pet's medical records. Close out any local charge accounts. If necessary, open up an account and a safe deposit box at a bank at your new location. If you need help organizing your finances, visit your military base finance center, or seek a private financial advisor. Check expiration dates on major credit cards you plan to use during travel. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles at your new location for information on a new driver's license and registration

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